GreenLife Property Management with 20 years of combined experience in the property management industry has been providing it’s service in a wide    variety of verticals in the industry. Our team is specialized in condominium, residential and commercial properties. With the governing concept of bringing an environmental aspect to the property management industry, GreenLife is persistent in introducing a more green efficient way to service today’s structures. Along with being a 100% Canadian company ,our team possesses a deep understanding of the needs of the local and market and clients as well, and are dedicated to satisfying and exceeding such needs. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you at your most convenient time to discuss how we can serve and add value to your real estate.


Pride and Passion

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Many Eco-Friendly Tactics Incorporated into the Service Include:

GreenLife Property Management

A group of professionals who worked in the property management,asset management and real estate started GreenLife Property Management after spending nearly 10 years working for a  real estate,asset and property management company. Since they launched GreenLife Property Management with two employees, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. Today, GreenLife has an experienced team of real estate professionals managing a robust portfolio for clients Ontario wide. The company also gives back to the environment through a series of beneficial eco friendly tactics that are incorporated in its service.

  • Paper Free Operations
  • Constant maintenance of Lighting in building in order to insure efficient lighting is in use
  • Constant maintenance of heating units to ensure heat loss is prevented
  • Constant maintenance of boilers in order to insure energy is functioning properly
  • Constant check ups on building waterways to prevent water loss
  • Enhancements of plant life in building
  • Enforcement of proper care of existing plant life in building
  • Regular control of building electricity usage
  • And etc..