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Operational Services

  • 24 hour emergency coverage 
  • Communication and coordination between all parties, supervision of all trades and suppliers 
  • Preparation of workloads/schedules and evaluation of staffing requirements 
  • Site personnel supervision/hiring/training/evaluation 
  • Monthly building & property inspections 


  • Complete accounting services as per G.A.A.P. 
  • Receivables & payables, processing and banking 
  • Timely maintenance fee collection 
  • Payroll administration 
  • Budget preparation 
  • Revenue & expenditure control and analysis 
  • Computerized reporting systems 
  • Investment of condominium surplus funds 
  • Review reserve fund based on an independent reserve fund study 
  • Preparation of all working papers for auditors Administrative Services 


  • Establishment of excellent resident relations 
  • Enforcement of the Condominium Act, Declaration, and by-laws preparation of Status Certificates 
  • Preparation for and organization of all condominium meetings 
  • Monthly manager's report to the Board and attendance of all regular Board meetings 
  • Maintaining Register of Owners 
  • Assistance, if required, in the preparation of a "Welcome" information package for all new residents 
  • Assistance, if required, in the preparation of the corporation's newsletter. 

Customer Services

  • GreenLife Property Management Inc. is committed to providing exceptional service delivery to its residents. 
  • Innovative and sophisticated software solutions that provide detailed and customized reporting for our residents and owners 
  • Senior staff with a minimum of 15 years of experience in property management plus a professionally trained customer service staff, on site and in the Corporate Head Office 
  • Bulk purchase/service discounts 
  • Well-informed service and management staff readily in touch with all trades and up to date with industry changes